Let's start the Fattoria di Alito

Fundraising campaign to support the costs of shipping two agricultural vehicles to Alito, Uganda

Let's start the Fattoria di Alito

In Italy we have two tractors ready to reach the Alito Training Center Farm.

For the Center it is necessary to receive these two work machines to carry on the agricultural activity and reach the 225 acres of cultivated land, a fundamental objective to also guarantee the continuity of the Agribusiness School. The vehicles were donated to AMCS thanks to the generosity of two Piacenza farms and the collaboration with IPSIA of Trentino: the first two donated a used Massey Ferguson 185 equipped with an 80 hp irrigation pump and new tires for the means; IPSIA from Trentino instead financed the purchase of a Fiat 1300 TA tractor complete with plowing machine.

Now a fundamental and economically demanding step is missing: sending these vehicles to Uganda.

We will have to ship a twenty foot container with the Massey Ferguson 185 tractor and a forty foot container for the Fiat 1300 TA tractor. Shipping, customs clearance, registration and transport to Alito involve a charge of € 22,400 for the Fiat 1300 tractor and € 11,600 for the Massey Ferguson.

This is a great challenge for a very good reason: to support the development path of an entire community.

The Alito Training Center is divided into two parts: the farm and the school that trains young people in agri-business. The farm's harvest will be useful to support the costs of the school and give a future to a structure that has consolidated over the years, becoming a real point of reference for the communities in the area.

This is why your help is basic: the more agricultural activity works, the more funds will be available to accommodate and train hundreds of young farmers and breeders!

Each contribution has a very important value: precisely in this period in which we are suffering the effects of the pandemic, we feel the need and the responsibility to continue on our journey of Charity, but we will be able to do so only with the support of everyone.

Thanks to donors:

-Financing received thanks to IPSIA del Trentino worth € 9,900
-The Bramieri Group S.pa company carried out maintenance services worth € 1,500

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