Akai a Ikori: Early Childhood Centre

Akai a Ikori: Early Childhood Centre
Project funded by: Africa Mission- Cooperation and development

In collaboration with: Moroto Education Office, Municipality of Bolzano

Duration: January 2014- ongoing

Today, the kindergarten serves to protect and protect the most at risk children, many reported by village representatives and social workers, looking after them for 8 hours a day. The kindergarten is the only center authorized to remain open until 16, usually these facilities close at 12.30, offering two meals a day. In the morning the children participate in curricular activities, while in the afternoon they are involved in recreational, recreational, manual and sporting activities.

The educational path is based on simple and practical activities and the game is always present as a teaching method, together with music and dance. A lot of attention is given to the care of health and hygiene of the body: learning to brush your teeth, hands and face, learning to wash your body and dressing yourself. The kindergarten also offers a path to the families of children; specific meetings and seminars are proposed focusing on the educational role of the family and the protection of children. Even students who have completed the course of studies in past years are not forgotten: for them there is a follow-up program that provides for monitoring in the primary schools they attend.

General objective:
helping to grow the new Karimojong generations, thus helping to stimulate a non-violent and unarmed society, achieving these objectives through play, and educational activities.

Specific objective:
protect and protect the children most at risk, reported by social workers, who live in  situations of great distress, looking after them for 8 hours a day.


-Frontal lessons
- Games and sports
- Locomotion
- Hygiene education
- Music and dance
- Coordination meetings of the teachers
- Meetings of the board of asylum
- Meetings with parents
- Follow-up of children who have attended and successfully completed their studies with our kindergarten in previous years
- Gardening project with children by growing some vegetables in a small vegetable garden within our facility
- School trips
- Construction of new structures

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