Multisectoral rural development centre in Loputuk

Multisectoral rural development centre in Loputuk

Location: Village of Loputuk – Moroto District – Karamoja 

Duration: 2006 for 5 years – extended; renown 2013-2015. Ongoing.


Promote the agricultural/forest development, women empowerment and the development of income generating activities in Loputuk community.

Tailoring women club

General objective

Strengthen women's autonomy and social role through hand and machine tailoring classes (complemented by local language, English, math, hygiene and health classes) and through the organization of meetings and awareness raising and training courses.  

Activity description

- clothes production;

- sale of clothes and craft through markets;

- machine sewing laboratories;

- bread production;

- hand sewing course;

- English and math classes;

- hygiene, health and child care workshop

- plays and public discussions for the awareness raising of the community;

- craft production;

- food, clothes and medical care distribution to extremely vulnerable realities.

In 2017 two courses were held.

The first from December 2016 to the end of February 2017, every morning from Monday to Friday, for 20 women: 11 employed in the sewing machine course, 2 in the cloth factory, 4 in the production of beaded items, 3 in bread making -neither. The women have created 35 stage dresses for the representation of the living nativity scene at the Youth Center and 70 uniforms for the children of the nursery school: 70 ca-mice, 40 skirts and 30 shorts.

The second course was held from March 10th to June 15th, 2017 and saw the participation of 50 street girls, divided into groups of 10-15, at the hand-stitched course (course participants made clothes for their families on the occasion of Easter) and 18 women to that of sewing machines.


31 women (of which 29 to the sewing machine and 2 to the cut)

4 women in handicraft production of arts-coli with beads

3 women for the production of bread

50 street girls to the sewing by hand

Year 2016:

- 10 women trained in machine sewing

- 2 women trained to cut

- 5 women trained in handicraft production

- 3 women trained in the production of bread

- 30 girls (under 14) formed in hand sewing

Achieved results in year 2015

1. 2 new women on sewing machine

2. Women can read, write and do basic math

3. hygiene situation is improved among beneficiaries

4. increase in revenue for participating women

5. 15 new young girls included in the programme

Direct beneficiaries

- 13 women on sewing machine

- 2 women cutting

- 5 women craft production

- 3 women bread production

- 120 women hand sewing (30 every 2 weeks)

- 15 young girls (under 14 years) hand sewing

-1800 community members (during awareness raising meetings)

Direct beneficiaries

- 378 families (about 2200 people) and community members.

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