Don Vittorio Youth Center

Don Vittorio Youth Center

Project financed by: Africa Mission- Cooperation and Development

In collaboration with: Moroto diocese, Municipality of Bolzano, district offices

Programm duration: 2004- on going

Don Vittorio Youth Center is one of AMCD's historical projects and has been active since the 90s and is the flagship of the "Community Development Center" an intuition of our founder Don Vittorione Pastori who, not only building since 1988 the current structures, but he also indicated the end he wanted to achieve with it: to create a place that would become an engine for the growth of the young people of Karamoja and a reference point for them, to help them pursue the values ​​that really help to help them to build a better society and more a "human dimension".

The Center carries out daily recreational, sporting, recreational and educational activities with the hope that young people will not only be able to socialize but also to capture deeper messages and life lessons. The talents of young people are promoted, also through theatrical performances, with the hope that this will be useful in building their future. Large-scale annual special events involving many young people are also planned. In particular, in the year 2019 we celebrated 25 years from the birth of Don Vittorio Pastori to heaven, and celebrated together with all the young people of the world the World Youth Day. Various activities are organized with the primary schools in the area, such as the projection of educational videos and the creation of football and netball tournaments. Finally, we also focused on the street kids program. This aims to start from the motivations that prompted the boys to leave the house to go to the capital, up to family reunification.

You can read the Summary Sheet of the project in 2021 by clicking here

General objective:
improve the life expectancy of the new generations of children and young people in the Moroto district, by stimulating the construction of a non-violent and unarmed society by promoting educational, recreational and sports activities.

Specific objectives:
reduce the number of street children in the Moroto district; decrease children's exposure to risky behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse, lack of hygiene and infections such as HIV; promoting Catholic culture and values as universal values; promotes teaching and the reduction of early school leaving.

CUTTING & SEWING - Sub-project of the youth center

Taglio & cucito is one of the projects inserted annually and carried out in our facility in Moroto and Loputuk, aimed primarily at young mothers who attend our youth center, offering a three-month basic tailoring course with 2 weekly meetings. Tailoring skills are in great demand on the Ugandan market

You can read the main results in the 2019 annual report by clicking here

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