Dispensary of Loputuk , Health Centre III

Dispensary of Loputuk , Health Centre III
Project financed by: Africa Mission- Cooperation and Development

In collaboration with: Diocese of Moroto, Ugandan government

Programm duration: 1983- ongoing

In a region such as Karamoja, which is very poor in infrastructure and disadvantaged from an environmental point of view, access to adequate health facilities is limited to a small percentage of the population. For years, AMCD has been providing support to the dispensaries of Loputuk and Tapac, the first located in an area 40 km away from the first functioning hospital and the second in a mountainous area difficult to reach, 4 hours of pick-up from the first operational health facility. . In these two centers vaccines are administered, prenatal and postnatal visits are carried out and the population is made aware of issues such as sanitation.

The aim is to reduce easily preventable diseases through the administration of vaccines, while widespread diseases such as HIV / AIDS are monitored through tests to identify their presence.

You can read the Summary Sheet of the project in 2021 by clicking here

General objective:
guarantee the right to health for the most vulnerable populations of Karamoja.

Specific objectives:
support health structures for the promotion and protection of health in Karamoja, increase the accessibility, equity and quality of basic health services

You can read the main results in the 2019 annual report by clicking here

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