Emergency Child Protection and Food Safety Initiative in Kotido District, Karamoja Region

Emergency Child Protection and Food Safety Initiative in Kotido District, Karamoja Region
Project No. 012 / E

Location: Uganda, Karamoja Region, Kotido district, sub-districts of Panyangara, Kotido and Kotido Town Council, elementary schools Kotido Mixed, Napumpum, Lokitelaebu

Duration: from 11 October 2011 to 11 September 2012

Work completed

Sources of funding Italian Embassy in Uganda

General Objectives
- Improve the living and health conditions of the populations in Kotido District by ensuring food security to the most vulnerable and quality in basic education services.
- Contributing to the implementation of the Uganda National Development Plan 2010 / 11-2014 / 15, Karamoja Action Plan for Food Security 2010-2015 (Objectives 1,4,5,6,7), on reaching outcomes 2 and 3 of the ' United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Uganda 2010-2014 (UNDAF) and at achieving the Millennium Goals 1 and 4.

Protect the most vulnerable childhood in 12 Kotido district communities by improving their food safety and enhancing basic education services in the area
Description of activities
Activity on the result
Activity 1.1) Establishment of 12 Agropastoral Schools (APFS) linked to elementary schools
Activity 1.2) Creation of a demonstration farmland with micro-irrigation system in each of the three elementary schools
Activity 1.3) Establishment of income generating activities in the three elementary schools beekeeping and goat farming
Result Activities 2.
Activity 2.1) Installation of solar pumps in the wells of the three target schools
Activity 2.2) Rehabilitation complete with 10 non-functioning deep wells adjacent to the 3 elementary schools
Activity 2.3) Substantial rehabilitation of rainwater collection plants from the roofs in the three elementary schools
Activity 2.4) Rehabilitation of the latrines in the target 3 school structures and rehabilitation / installation of adjacent hand washing systems
Activity 2.5) Health and Hygiene Training involving all school students
Result Activity 3.
Activity 3.1) Renovation of the dormitories, classes and housing of teachers of the 3 target school structures: floors, roofs, doors and windows
Activity 3.2) Renovation of the kitchens of the 3 target educational structures: floors, roofs, doors and windows with installation of energy saving systems
Activity 3.3) Installation of solar panels connected to low power bulbs to illuminate dormitories and classes in the 3 target school facilities
Activity 3.4) Training on the rights of minors with special attention to gender issues in the three target schools

Results obtained in year 2012

Result 1. Enhanced food security for children and families of 12 particularly vulnerable communities in Kotido District through the establishment of agro-astronomical schools and the creation of new sources of income involving basic education services in the area
Result 2. Improve the health conditions of pupils, masters and school staff of 3 elementary schools in the Kotido District and surrounding communities by reducing illnesses caused by poor hygiene and unsafe water sources.
Result 3. Favored the protection of vulnerable groups and improved child protection in the Kotido district by restoring basic education services in the area and raising awareness of children's rights communities with particular attention to gender issues.

Direct beneficiaries
- 5,310 people as follows:
- 3,460 pupils of the 3 elementary schools identified particularly vulnerable to malnutrition and illnesses related to the poor quality of water and sanitation: 1,007 in Kotido Mixed target school, 1,1885 in Lokitelaebu target school and 1,268 in target school Napumpum;
- 300 families of the Kotido District particularly vulnerable, involved in the 12 agro-pastoral schools formed within the project;
- 50 masters and school staff of the three schools identified.

Indirect beneficiaries
6.000 Kotido District individuals particularly vulnerable due to poor hygienic and health conditions.

Year 2011

- Began the procurement of materials for the rehabilitation of school structures;
- start the activities of agro-pastoral schools.

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