Feeding the communities of Moroto and Napak, Karamoja, Uganda (NCC) with food and knowledgece.

Feeding the communities of Moroto and Napak, Karamoja, Uganda (NCC) with food and knowledgece.
Project funded by: AICS (Italy Agency for Cooperation and Development)

In collaboration with: Cuamm (Doctors for Africa), Università Cattolica of Piacenza, Medicins sans frontiere, Meyer- Azienda  Ospedaliera Universitaria

Program duration: 2018-2021  

The project "Feeding the communities of the districts of Moroto and Napak with food and knowledge" entered its 18th month of activity. It is an initiative funded by AICS (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development) together with several partners.
The project was born from the need to contribute in a sustainable and integrated way to increase the food security and nutritional status of the communities of the Karamoja region, with particular attention to mothers, true heads of families who are entrusted with the most difficult tasks within society. local (the cultivation of fields, the transport of water and wood to the village, the preparation of food and the care of children).
The intervention strategy achieved the identification and selection of 85 Model Farmers ("Model Farmers") and 85 Community Agricultural Groups (GAC) made up of 30 members each, involving the most vulnerable families of the districts.
Gili "Model Farmers" have the aim of raising awareness among the communities as a whole and therefore families in general to adopt agricultural techniques capable of improving the production process and reducing losses in the collection and storage phases of agricultural products.
In 2019 the training process was intensified which aims to spread sustainable agricultural and zootechnical knowledge and techniques to produce safe, sufficient and diversified food, thus allowing to obtain a change in the diet and an increase of revenues. Thanks to the intervention of the other partners, the following interventions were also carried out: health screening, rehabilitation of wells for irrigation systems and techniques for the creation of natural pesticides. In short, the areas of intervention concerned are different and now 18 intense months await us.

General objective: 
to contribute in a sustainable and integrated way to an increase in terms of food security, food safety and the nutritional status of the Karimojong communities (especially for mothers and children under 5 years of age belonging to the most vulnerable families.

Specific objective: 
to increase the availability of nutritious food and the adoption of good sanitary and nutritional practices for the populations of the districts of Napak and Moroto.

"A seed is all we need" is the title of the booklet that we created together with Doctors with Africa CUAMM to tell the stories of the beneficiaries, you can download it by clicking here

You can read the main results in the 2020 annual report by clicking here

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