Nuyok Project - Food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations in Karamoja is improved and sustained.

 Nuyok Project - Food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations in Karamoja is improved and sustained.
Project funded by: USAID (American cooperation)

In partnership with: CRS (Catholic Realif Services)Caritas Moroto, Caritas Kotido, Youth Build International, Boma project, Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU).

Programma duration: October 2017- July 2022

Uganda has made great strides in recent years in eliminating extreme poverty, reducing hunger and empowering women - thanks in part to rapid economic growth. In the Karamoja sub-region, however, food insecurity and malnutrition remain a persistent threat to development.
In this context, Nuyok has several objectives and areas in which it proposes to work: governance and gender equity (Foundational Purpose); community capacity to manage shocks and stresses (Purpose 1); traditional and diverse daily life opportunities (Purpose 2); nutrition and health (including water and hygiene improvement (WASH) of pregnant and lactating women (PLW), adolescents and children under two years of age (CU2) (Purpose 3)

The area of ​​intervention of AMCS concerns the achievement of two of the four objectives making up the entire project: points 2 and 3.
Here we will talk about purpose 3.

Increase access to drinking water for families, communities and institutions in the area of ​​intervention.

The intervention consists of the rehabilitation of water wells and the formation of groups responsible for the use of the delivery points to guarantee the population an increase in access to safe water sources. It is very important to use the public-private partnership approach (cooperators-local community) to improve well maintenance, usually very scarce or non-existent in Karamoja. This approach helps to overcome the so-called addiction theory, i.e. the idea that everything is received for free.

You can read the Summary Sheet of the project in 2021 by clicking here

General objective:
Improvement of nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding women, adolescent girls and children under two years.

Specific Objectives:
- Strengthening the district and community system in health, food, water and hygiene
- Increase in the use of clean and drinking water in families
- Improvement of the hygiene and sanitation situation at family and community level.

- Rehabilitation of non-functioning borehole
- Analysis of water samples collected from borehole
-"Water user committee" training
-"Hand pump mechanics" training 

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