Case Aperte

Supporting local communities committed to the social and the vulnerable populations

Case Aperte
Project financed by: Africa Mission- Cooperation and Development

In collaboration with: Ugandan government, local realities

Program duration: 1983- ongoing

"Case Aperte" is a historical project that aims to directly support local associations and local missionary activities so that they grow in the ability to undertake initiatives and activities aimed at improving the quality of life of the Ugandan population and in particular of the more weak. We want to give a concrete answer to the tangible and non-postponable problems of the communities.
The main activity carried out on the spot concerns: distribution of food and miscellaneous materials, transport of goods, reception and listening to various requests, support and technical administrative consultancy in the realization of projects and social actions and support financial support for the creation of facilities and maintenance of the activities undertaken.

General objective:
improve the living conditions of the local realities through direct support to the local structures in charge.

Specific objectives:
support bodies and structures in their activities of help and / or assistance to the poorest, share in solidarity, help the various communities for the improvement of people's lives, have a more in-depth vision of local realities.

You can read the Summary Sheet of the project in 2021 by clicking here

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