W la scuola

W la scuola

Project funded by: Africa Mission- Cooperation and Development

In collaboration with: Ugandan government, municipality of Bolzano, diocese of Moroto

Program duration: 2012- on going

In Karamoja we find the lowest level of literacy and the highest school dropout in all Uganda. Here 86% of the youth population have never gone to school and do not work or have a precarious job, compared to 5% in Kampala (UBOS, 2017). This figure helps explain the rise in crime, violence, conflict and drug abuse. Unfortunately in Uganda, enrollment in school requires the payment of taxes and it becomes difficult for families to face the quarterly costs that institutions require (remember that the average of Ugandan families is 5/6 children per unit). 69.8% of dropout indicated that the reason is the inability to pay school fees. 

Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development, with the "W La Scuola" campaign (Long live school), has chosen to create a support fund to which all the resources collected to support the cultural growth of Ugandan children through support for students and schools can be channeled.
There are two methods of intervention carried out thanks to the funds received:
Supporting schools with intervention of maintenance, adaptation of structures and providing didactic material, food, blankets, etc. 
Support the payment of school fees for many children and young people. This help also consists in paying for uniforms, accommodation in students' schools and providing the children with the necessary material (pens, notebooks, etc.). 

There are many youth who require to be sponsored. Unfortunately, it is necessary to make a choice and select those from families who are most in need and who, over time, show that they have the will to study and the skills to be able to finish school.
For this reason, the on-site staff is responsible for ascertaining the existence of the requisites required and monitoring the schooling of the children over time. This is to create a personal bond with the student, to follow him in his educational path.

You can read the Summary Sheet of the project in 2021 by clicking here

General Objective: 
Improving the life expectancy of the new Ugandan generations through the support of schools and students in their school education, stimulating the integration of a non-violent and non-armed society.

Specific Objectives: 
Reducing the number children living in the street in Moroto district;
Support schools with infrastructure, materials and food;
Reduction of school dropout through education sensitization and school promotion;
Increase the number of children enrolled in schools, monitor their performance and carry out follow-up visits for guidance and counseling;
Decreased exposure of children to risk behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse, child marriage, lack of hygiene and infections such as HIV;
Support to the families of the beneficiary students;
Development of practical, intellectual and social skills of children within the community.
Involvement of youth in playful, sporting and educational activities of the "Don Vittorio" youth center.

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