The Moroto District has a population of around 210,000, of whom 80% is estimated to be young. Of these, between 26% and 48% are children attending school, a drop in dizziness when only girls are considered (Karimojong's poor families prefer to send girls out of the region to the cities of Kampala, Jinja And Iganga rather than at school). Moreover, no pre-school service, before the establishment of the center, was offered to the boys.

In particular, in the context of the youth context, a survey conducted by the association in 2004 found some major issues: a) boys and girls often start drinking local beer from 10-12 years old, becoming alcoholic already by adolescents; B) friction / conflicts / wrongs between Kaimojong boys belonging to clan / clan rivals; C) children are often beaten at home or are victims of violence in the city; D) Only 6% of the population is literate and most teenagers do not have the opportunity to receive an education after elementary school (there are only 3 high schools throughout the region); E) Much of the population makes use of or has easy access to firearms; F) the population has no access to libraries and other socio-cultural resources; G) There are no sport facilities (properly equipped) of any kind; H) child labor is widespread; Children and girls often start working from the early age, helping family (going to take water-wood or grazing cattle).

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