Global Citizenship Education (ECG)

Awareness-raising, school training, events, testimonials and dissemination initiatives

With the expression "Global Citizenship Education" we intend the activity carried out in Italy and in other countries of the Norther part of the world to raise awareness of development issues and to promote personal and collective awareness, active partecipation of all citizens in eradicating poverty and in building up a fairer and more equitable world.
Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development promotes on this field awareness-raising and traininig activities:

- for children and school guys, favouring awareness paths in schools on international solidarity topics; promoting intercultural paths with the aim of relating simultaneously kindergarten and primary school children from Italy and Uganda. These activities are based on active sperimentation, labs and educational projects.

- for youths, training them on international solidarity and the particular situation of North-East Uganda, promoting their active engagement so they can become agents of change and awareness-raising actions in the area, through training session and fact-finding trips to Uganda: "Vieni e Vedi" projects; Universal Civilian Service in Italy and Uganda with FOCSIV, school internships.

- for all citizenship, through the promotion of a solidarity culture and raising awareness on problems of North-East of Uganda, through the periodic newspaper "Qui Uganda-Anche Tu... Insieme", promoting meetings and events in parishes, squares and building up local awareness-raising grups.

Furthermore, we partecipate in initiatives, events and campaigns of awareness-raising promoted by other organisations, entities and associations.

You can read the Summary sheet of what we realised on ECG prgramme in 2021 by clicking here

Due to Covid-19 the project "Vieni e Vedi", which consist in a trip in Uganda during summer months was cancelled. For the same reason even the project of Universal Civilian Service "Caschi bianchi - Uganda 2019" was called off. The guys, who entered the civilian service on 24th June 2020, followed 5 general and specific training weeks in distance moed and, due to restrictions on entering Uganda, the project was suspended. Due to continuing restrictions on entering the country, on the 12th October the Ministry was notified the project's closure.
The project of Civilian Service in Italy "SfAma il Mondo" wasn't realised as the selected volunteers all withdrew before the start of their service.
Also due to pandemic the awareness-raising meetings in schools stopped at the end of February and also planned events, from the annual conference to information stalls, were suspended. As regarding the volume of activity at our branches, there was a 51% reduction due to pandemic.

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