We want to support and promote the human development in the poorest countries of the world through the promotion of the human dignity in all its aspects, by undertaking emergency interventions, supporting local communities, especially the local church and catholic missionaries, and developing programmes in various sectors of the social life, following the principles of Christian humanism and  in full respect of everybody's freedom of speech and religion.

To support and promote a lifestyle based on the values of universal solidarity and to raise awareness within Italian communities towards the problems of poor people.

The foundations of our path have not changed during time:

Go and be there

Go and meet

Go and listen

Go and share

Go and support

Go and evangelize 

Reception in our locations

Listening to the poors

Respect life and the human being

Attention to poverty and its causes

Pragmatism in interventions

Sharing the burden, the effort and the responsibility

Donation of one's time, capacity, resources, the donation of oneself

In this sense, our style aims to reflect the qualities we feel as essential in humanitarian engagement: humility, poverty, spirit of service.

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