Cooperation and Development

Cooperation and Development

Premised that Cooperation and Development it is a corporate body with a full juridical and administrative autonomy as the association Africa Mission it is an organism with full juridical and administrative autonomy, the bond among the two associations it is born and it finds operational base in the Charisma of his/her founders.
Both are expression of the Charisma of Mr. Vittorione and Mons. Manfredini, and in such optics, they are completed each other through a communion of intents and works.
Today the collaboration that renders explicit him in the "Movement Africa Mission" or "Don's Vittorio Work", it is therefore, essentially, a deep and convinced communion and sharing of spirit and mission among the two associations.

Co-operation and Development, a non-profit organization, is the operational branch of the association Africa Mission, currently present in Uganda with two permanent establishments in Kampala and Moroto.

Founded in 1982 and recognized as a charitable trust with legal personality, it is a Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O.) eligible for international development and volunteering, according to Law No 49/87 regulating Italian public aid for developing countries. Since 2004, Co-operation and Development is part of the Italian Federation of International Voluntary Service's Christian Organisms  (Focsiv).

Many other projects involving different sectors stand  alongside the emergency interventions still present, though to a smaller extent than the past.

There are specifically ongoing projects in the:

·         Wash sector: through the drilling and rehabilitation of wells and the training of professional local staff as pump mechanics;

·         Health sector: supporting Loputuk and Tapac dispensaries;

·        Socio-educational sector: through recreational activities in the Youth Center of the Moroto compound, the provision of school lessons to 3 to 16 years old children, as well as the training and awareness-raising against certain practices that are still present in those areas, such as children and women exploitation;

·       Agricultural/livestock sector: through the establishment of a veterinary laboratory, of agro-pastoral schools in the field and the Multi-sectoral Center of Rural Development of Loputuk.

·       Support to local communities which are already in the territory, through donations of food and non-food items.

Through these interventions, the purpose is to help the communities face their state of need and to accompany them along the path to their development by giving the people the necessary means to learn and grow independently. 

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