Fundraising campaigns, promotional stands, solidarity dinner and lunches, promotion of Ugandan handicrafts and local products

Fundraising consists in activities that non-profit organizations implemented with the aim of collecting funds and other items, which then they use promoting sustainable development and for achieving their mission. It's strictly liked with the involvement of people, who implement singles activities, both volunteers or employees of the organization.
Fundraising activity can't be purely considered an activity to "collect funds" but it also means building up, mantaining and strenghtening solid and lasting trust relationships over the time with different actors and donors. It's necessary to programming a series of activities based on an in-depth knowledge of donors and on the capacity of keeping with them a costant communicative contact.

For fundraising activity, yearly AMCS uses several channels such as fundraising campaigns, promotional stands, solidarity dinners and lunches, promotion of Ugandan handicrafts and local products. We have different events to carry out by the organization that have become a fixed commitment each year, suich as "The citrus fruits of friendship" campaign now in its 15th edition, the "Procidan dinner" organised in Piacenza with the support of friends from Procida.
Periodically, we launch also fundraising campaigns with the aim of supporting activities in WASH, local realities, agricultural-livestock sectors which implement in Uganda. Fox example, in 2020 we launched the campaign "Let's get Alito's farm in motion" to cover transportation costs of two tractors to the Training Centre of Alito, Uganda.

You can read the Summary Sheet of the project in 2021 by clicking here

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