Photo exhibition: Brothers of Uganda

A journey to meet Affrica Mission - Cooperation and Development

The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate an important anniversary and, through it, to make known the work and thought of Don Vittorione in a context of solidarity and faith. In addition to highlighting the activities carried out by Africa Mission, the exhibition also highlighted teachings given by Don Vittorio Pastori, his testimony as a priest and as a Christian. Another aspect that the exhibition intends to emphasize is how Africa Mission believes firmly in the need to stand by Ugandan people, in particular in the arid region of Karamoja, so that people could remain in their villages develop an autonomy that improves their living conditions and prevents them from being uprooted or forced to move away from their families and traditions. All this in spite of the difficulties and wars that, particularly during first years of activity, hampered Africa Mission's action.

This premise led to the subdivision of the exhibition into five main sectors, characterised by concise and concrete messages. The images used were designed to involve the observer as much as possible thanks to their empathetic and evocative impact.

The exhibition route starts from the most significant moments of Africa Mission's 50 years of activity.

Part 1. The history from 1972 to 1994 with don Vittorione; from 1994 to 2022 the road continues unabated after the death of the founder.
Part 2. Don Vittorione in Africa, that is charity speaking and the most significant encounters.
Part 3. The choice of the apron, that is guiding principles and values of the Movement: realise, embrace, welcome, dialogue, share, cooperate, witness, quench thirsts, nurture, educate, guard, accompany.
Part 4. The seed that bears fruit with various operating sectors: water, healthcare, socio-educatioal, aid to local realities, agricultural-livestock and vocational training.
Part 5. Yesterday and today, countercurrent. The exhibition closes with an invitation to experience the charity and commitment to distant brothers and sisters to which each of us is called.

Technical notes
The exhibition occupies 21linear metres and consists of 12 aluminium frame structure 2m high, 9 of wich are 2m wide and 3 are 1m wide. It's printed on fireproof polyester fabric with silicone stitching around the perimeter. The panels are self-supportive and not need to be leaned against walls. It's set up in a short time (3 hours). It can be enriched (on request) by the insertion of a video showing photos of activities in Uganda and hitorical photos of Don Vittorione. 

Where can you find the exhibition?
From 2nd April to 12th April at Piancenza Duomo.
From 13th April to 30th April at Santa Franca parish in Piacenza.

Do you want to host the exhibition?
Contact us at or by phone at number 0523/499424 for further information and available dates to host the exhibition in your community or parish.

Follow our page on the website to read about the events for the 50th year celebrations of Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development, which will take place from 2nd April 2022 to 15th April 2023. CLICK HERE

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