Improvement of the abilities of management of the risks caused by natural disasters through the initiatives of the CMDRR (Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction)

Location: Karamoja Region, Amudat and Nakapiripirit district

Funder: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)  


General objective: improve communities' resilience (capacity to use resources to overcome the difficulties with creativity) due to climate change through approaches based on rick management experiences at a district and community level.

Specific objectives:

Specific objective 1: support the inclusion in the DDR plans (Disaster Risk Reduction)  of the CCA plans (Climate Change Adaptation) at a district and community level.

Specific objective 2: promote and impose measures at a community level to reduce disaster risks and improve climate change adaptation.

Activity description:

Involve 30 groups in  Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) projects.

Chosen groups: 15 groups coming from Nakapiripirit, in particular from Lolachat and Moruita sub counties, for a total of 429 members with 55% women involved;

15 groups coming from Amudat district, in specific from Loroo and Amudat sub counties, for a total of 450 members with 72% women involved.

The groups have been trained from October 30th to December 8th, with the aim to identify and evaluate the risk, analyze it to be able to plan a common strategy in order to prevent or combat it.

2 knowledge fairs and a radio programme have been organized to promote awareness on catastrophes    

1. Training of 20 technocrats to integrate Catastrophe Risk Management (CRM) at a district level.

The aim is to understand risk management techniques and measures and to be able to use proposed strategies in warding off the risks.

2. Constitution and improvement of 15 structures to preserve the environment (soil in particular) and water management through "Cash for Work" activities: 6 dams have been improved, 4 trapezoidal bunds built and 5 in different schools for fruit trees plantation. Beneficiaries are 595 households of which 47% women.

Achieved results:

1. Each group in Nakapiripirit, 15 communities in total, has received 3.500.000 UGX, with the presence of civil and political authorities, to start their own new activity. Of these 15 groups present in the district, 10 have chosen cereal cultivation, 2 goats farm, 2 have started butchery activities and 1 group has built a mill for milling.

The 15 groups in Amudat district are waiting to receive the funds to start their activities.

2. Cooperation and Development C&D have organized and led 2 training moments focused on natural catastrophes management,  duration of 4 days each, to train 10 technical operators coming from both district, therefore 20 people in total.

3. 6 dams, previously built by UNDP 173 project, have been improved, 306 workers, of which 42% women, have been employed. These improvement to water structures ensure to beneficiaries communities 3 months of water after the last rain. 50 trees will be placed  around every facility to shade. Every worker will be given a plant, for a total of about 300 trees that will be planted.

- 4 trapezoidal bund have been built to collect water by an exterior slope so as to be able to cultivate. 164 people have been employed with 51% women.

Around every bund 40 holes have been dug where trees will be planted for a total of 160 plants.

- 5 places have been prepared to trees plantation in 5 different schools. The workers in this project were 125 with 53% women, from 250 to 500 plants can be planted in each site. Students and teachers have chosen to plant and cultivate fruit trees and the children will be the direct beneficiaries of this project.

Direct beneficiaries: this project will have 1.494direct beneficiaries for "cash for work" activities and for CMDRR projects. In detail:

- 30 groups are involved in CMDRR projects for a total of 879 people;

- 20 people are been trained as technical operators;

- 595 heads of households have benefited from "cash for work" activities, working for the improvement of 6 water ponds, the building of 4 trapezoidal bunds and the preparation of 5 sites where to plant trees.

Indirect beneficiaries: 1.380 people.

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