Action for the Living of Pokot - Amudat Vaccines

Action for the Living of Pokot - Amudat Vaccines
No. Project 035 / P

Uganda, Karamoja Region, Amudat District

Duration 4 July-25 October 2011

Completed activity

General purpose
Reducing the level of malnutrition among the pastoral communities of the Amudat district and protecting beneficiaries from the consequences of the spread of foot-and-mouth disease that has hit their main food resources hard.

Activity Description
Activities 1.1. Provision of vaccines, multivitamins and antibiotics.
Activity 1.2 Vaccination of 70,000 cows in the Amudat District involving 40 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) and District Veterinary Officer.
Activity 1.3 Administration of 11,000 doses of antibiotics and multivitamins to cattle infected with foot-and-mouth disease.
Activity 2.1 Delivery of cold chain support materials to the district veterinarian office (gas and cylinder fridge, syringes and protective clothing for vaccinations).
Activities 2.2 Selection and conduct of an informal meeting for 40 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) to ensure the correct management of epinephytic cannabis vaccine in accordance with national and international standards.
Activities 3.1 Dissemination of animal health information to communities identified through radio announcements and radio programs.
Activities 3.2 Raise awareness of foot-and-mouth disease and communicable diseases to humans by publishing e-mail information within the Karamoja google group and disseminating project reports to the district veterinarian.

Achieved results
- Save the lives of 38,544 extremely vulnerable people by vaccinating 70,233 cattle and administering 12,110 doses of antibiotic and multivitamins. - Improved the ability of Amudat district veterinary officers to effectively respond to the onset of zoonotic diseases.
- Awareness of the Pokot community of the Amudat district on the spread of foot-and-mouth disease and the most effective strategies to reduce spread.

-104,200 shepherds from the Amudat district including 21,361 children, 11,462 pregnant women and infants and 5,731 elderly people.

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