Garden center in Karamoja

Garden center in Karamoja
No. Project: 014 / P.

Location: Moroto, Karamoja.

Duration: 3 months from 29 March 2006 to 30 June 2006, renewed until March 2007.

Objective: To contribute to the recovery of the region's environmental balance through the production of 600,000 seedlings for distribution to schools and other interested institutions.

Year 2007:


• Preparation of land for the planting of new seedlings.

• Planting of seedlings from Moroto vineyards in new areas of destination.

• Distribute 12,050 seedlings to 24 primary and secondary schools.

• The remaining seedlings were distributed by Kotido WFP in the district schools of Kotido, Abim and Kaabong.

Beneficiaries: 24 schools and public institutions (estimated 300 beneficiaries by structure) and 100 women employed in the project for a total estimated of 7,300 people.

Year 2006:


Distribute to 17 Primary and Secondary Schools of the Moroto District different varieties of fruit or seedlings:

• 5,350 seedlings in September,

• 10,335 in October,

• 8,800 in November,

For a total of 24,485 seedlings.

Beneficiaries: 5,200 people.

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